JCI Sibu was established in 1958 in Sibu, Sarawak. We are national organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global non-profit organization created for enterprising individuals ages 18-40 focus on professional development, economic opportunities, and creative solutions to address problems across all levels of society.



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Go Green Warriors

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From September 9th to September 10th, bring your kids for an eco-friendly experience. Learn how to integrate eco-consciousness into daily life and transform our living environment into a greener space.

We all know the importance of environmental conservation. The weather has become increasingly unpredictable – scorching heat one moment and strong winds threatening to blow rooftops away the next. It’s clear that our environment is facing challenges, but the solutions to restore it and create a more comfortable living space are not always apparent.

Understanding and embracing eco-friendliness can make a difference!

To equip people of all ages with essential environmental skills, we are hosting Go Green Warriors from September 9th to September 10th at UTS.

Go Green Warriors offers a series of activities tailored to various age groups, enabling everyone to learn about eco-consciousness and practical skills.

  1. Go Green Fun: Engages youths through “play” and “challenges” to comprehend environmental issues.
  2. Go Green Campaign: Shares a spectrum of environmental topics, unveiling unheard-of eco-friendly techniques.
  3. Go Green Market: A marketplace of green products where you can enjoy activities with your kids and relish in delicious food.
  4. Go Green Families: Eco-friendly activities designed for children and adults, fostering parent-child relationships through games and bonding moments.

These two days fall on the weekend, and if you’re unsure about plans, come and participate in our Go Green Warriors event!

Click the links below to register:

Go Green Families: https://www.jcisibu.org/go-green-warriors_go-green-families/

Go Green Campaign: https://www.jcisibu.org/go-green-warriors_go-green-campaign/

Go Green Fun Registration: https://www.jcisibu.org/go-green-warriors_go-green-fun/

  • Date : September 9, 2023 - September 10, 2023
  • Time : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (UTC+8)
  • Venue : University of Technology Sarawak