JCI Sibu was established in 1958 in Sibu, Sarawak. We are national organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global non-profit organization created for enterprising individuals ages 18-40 focus on professional development, economic opportunities, and creative solutions to address problems across all levels of society.



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About HRDC Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer programme emphasizes and guide participants to conduct training effectively, structure effective session plans using appropriate training methods, materials, and visual aids with creativity, develop facilitation skills and deliver training professionally. In addition, participants will be prepared to deliver their training programmes based on adult learning principles so as to enable them to deliver effective training sessions to adults.

For effective learning and application, participants will be provided appropriate presentation time for assessment and feedback.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this programme, participants should be able to:

  • Adopt the adult learning principle approach in training
  • Conduct training needs analysis
  • Design competency-based training programme
  • Deliver a training session effectively
  • Develop effective training assessment on participant’s learning

Why you should attend

  • Learn the basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology
  • Gain a foundation in developing learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of participants’ training initiatives
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques for managing participants, engaging a variety of learning styles
  • Creating and effective positive learning environment and managing classroom challenges
  • Develop engaging training solutions that are learner-centered

Who should attend

This programme is designed people for whom training is a large part of their job, or a full job function within a structured assessment and training system. These people have considerable responsibility for training program development and delivery, as well as assessment of training participants or employees.

Past Participant's view on the training

Joe Chang
"GEM Consulting Sdn Bhd with the Trainer, David, who has been nothing short of Passionate, Insightful and Energising. The whole Train The Trainer course that was conducted has been anything but boring or dull. I was fully engaged and it really refreshed my perspective on how a quality Trainer would need to prepare, engage, convey the knowledge and ensuring it is engaging throughout the 5 days. It is no longer just as simple of conducting a lecture or one way teaching, it is more than that - Adult Learning, Learner Centered, Respectful, Trainer's Insight and loads of interactive Fun! If you or your company is looking at getting on TTT, GEM Consulting especially Trainer David Lau is definitely the one I highly recommend to eng"
"這一次的培訓課程最讓人刻骨銘心的是講師的帶動及教導方式。三天網上教課並不是一間容易的事,需要考量的範圍很大,而且學員之間的互動也非常的有限。但是這個的培訓課程不但打破了我的限制思維,更是沒有一刻可以有空檔的放鬆。精彩的內容加上生動的帶動更是讓培訓宗旨發揮了最大的效應。來到了第四天和第五天的實體課更是讓人意外的精彩,學員們的互動,題材內容的精髓更是培訓的高潮。講師根據每一個人的學習等級畫分出不一樣的學習節奏。收放自如的教導方式讓每一位學員都能跟上進度。可說是受益不淺的一次培訓課程。 在這裏我要感謝馬來西亞詩巫國籍青年商會給予培訓課程的機會; 感謝講師的用心栽培; 感謝學員們的互相扶持; 感謝籌備會的細心安排。 "
"I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your team for hosting the HRD Corp Train The Trainer program. Your warm hospitality made me feel welcomed and appreciated throughout my time there. I would also like to express my appreciation for the amazing trainer, Mr David Lau from GEM Consultancy who led the program. I was particularly impressed with the way he kept the training environment lively and interactive, making it easy for us to learn and retain the information. His knowledge, expertise, and teaching style were truly exceptional. Moreover, as half of the class were JCI members, the spirit of JCI members added an extra layer of excitement and energy to the training environment. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the training and feel that it has equipped me with the necessary skills to be an effective and competent trainer. Thank you once again JCI Sibu for providing me with such a valuable and unforgettable experience. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I gained from this program will serve me well in my future endeavors. "
"感恩JCI Sibu办了TTT的学习,让我圆了一直以来想做的事。这次的学习,讲师Mr. David很给力,有着超资深经验的实战实力,风趣的教导模式,让我根本开不到瞌睡模式。从这次的学习里,学习到成为一个合格的人力资源讲师的准备过程,以学习者的学习结果为导向。再次感恩JCI Sibu的筹备,感恩大家的安排和接送的服务。"
// HRD TTT 2.0


Want to be a certified Corporate Trainer?
Now you can attend TTT Certification Course via 3 days ONLINE and 2 days PHYSICAL
Course Fee

Early bird - RM2100 (limited to 5 pax only, first come first serve with payment proof)
Normal rate - RM2788

Include 2 days refreshment & lunch + 1 day dinner
20 pax AVAILABLE only

Course Date

11-13 August 2023, Virtual
19-20 August 2023, Physical

Venue for Physical

Methodist Pilley Institute, Sibu, Sarawak